30 thoughts on “Macross Delta – 23”

  1. Ha! Both of them finally realize they have feelings on Hayate. Now, either they going for unresolved love rivalry or either one backs off and let the best girl win or harem route. I’m voting for OT3. Who’s with me? :3

      1. But what if in the last episode some magic bullshit happens and Windermereans get to live as long as Zentraedi, like how Ranka magically cures Sheryl’s sickness in Frontier? What will Mirage do then?

    1. 24 isn’t late until the weekend (at the earliest) – as much as I would like it now, [gg] will get around to it. That’s the way this fan-sub thing works…

      Wouldn’t you rather Quality?

    2. Same as the Deadfish encode (which for some reason works on one of my Media Centre’s where the [gg] encode doesn’t!), which typically is a few hours or days behind [gg].

      I’m happy that someone is prepared to take the time to sub this stuff for free, for me to watch sooner rather than later! And did I mention FREE… :)

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