25 thoughts on “Macross Delta – 24”

  1. >Is it me or did his voice change this episode?
    His original VA retired one month ago due to health problems.

    I hope he and Freyja are going to be OK.

  2. So did they ripoff Frontier and have Kumo be brainwashed by the Villain Sue.(But than again any sword wielding character is a suspect Mary Sue by default these days.)

  3. Thanks for the great subs!

    Argh… poor Berger-san original voice actor. It was one of my favorite voices (Ernest Johnson’s is great too. BTW, does anyone know if Ernest’s voice actor was in Macross VFX2 game or in M3? I heard that voice before, but can’t remember if it was on M3 or on VFX2).

    Delta has been going in crescendo since episode 22.
    Finally getting to see what I expected from a Kawamori anime.

    Thanks again for the great work!

    1. According to Unsho Ishizuka’s (Ernest’s VA) wiki page, he was in Macross VF-X2 as Gilliam Angreat. He’s also played quite a few notable characters in other anime. He was Jet in Cowboy Bebop, Japanese Professor Oak, Dojima in Persona 4, Mr. Satan since DBZ Kai, etc.

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