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  1. Whats the bullshit with Re.Zero in the end?? if that info is true then that the biggest shit you ever did. I wonder which retard thought it was good to write.

  2. Yeah. Too many death flag has been risen.

    Hey, stop spoiling the Re:zero ending. That was uncalled for ><

    So everybody is speculating Lyn Mynmei is Lady M… That's an interesting theory.

    I bet in the finale, both Chaos and Aerial Knights join forces as Lord Roid show his true intention to subjugate the entire galaxy after killing the young king.

    1. Lynn Mynmei would be in the middle of her 70s during Delta, so yeah, it could be plausible.

      It is just that it would not fit the profile, IMHO.

      1. Because the person who singlehandedly saved Earth with a protoculture song would have no interest and/or clout to research other protoculture song related stuff, amirite?

    2. The M might be Misa (Misa Hayase who won the SDFM and DYRL love triangle). Nothing in Berger’s explanation confirmed it had to be Minmay.

      1. Hey, that might be true. Hayase Misa you fit a profile of the mysterious Lady M. She will just applied what the military that been taught and experience she did gain throughout her career. Since is been raise in Military tradition family, she could have some friends in military-oriented/defense industries to acquired resources needed for certain operation.

  3. That sounds like a crappy Shonen anime ripping off Macross Frontier. Oh wait.
    The Gary Stu knights are already hated by watchers who aren’t fujoshit. If they live and get shallow redemption it’ll just confirm that Satelight has been scraping rock bottom since M3.

    1. NUNSfags are so butthurt, afraid and scared that they even shitpost on gg comments. When will you end your own life like your beloved NUNS did already?

  4. Death, death everywhere.

    In other news, Do You Remember Love still is kicking ass, even after 34 years. (shit, I really feel old now…. I first saw Robotech in 1986… I really am an old geezer :( )

    1. You & me both. First saw Robotech, then discovered DYRL on really really shitty 6th gen VHS tape copy.

      Feel like my life up to 2000s was trying to find DYRL in “better quality” then along came nyaa.

  5. We are dealing with an enemy that brainwashes our soldiers and have already lost several fleets to this. So lets just send in another.

    Guess no one at NUNS thought of sending a ship on autopilot with no human crew……

    1. More like they are banking their fold jammer would negate/mitigate Wind Singer effect and doesn’t take account of how power Star Singer are.

  6. Does anybody notice something familiar in the picture of Hayate over his dad’s shoulders? if I’m not wrong , the picture’s background is like the Star Hill on Eden Planet ( Macross Plus )

    and Also as Berger Stone states that the person called Lady M made her debut around that time as well. I presume that is the same Lynn Mimmay we all know. she might have found a way to travel in time IMHO.

      1. About 70 year-old-MacrossTV characters… don’t forget it’s space.
        They must be aging slower than people in Earth.
        But how about aging at the same pace as other people in other ships? no idea. Time should be really different for each colonization ship.
        Maybe the Megaroad 01 ttook the right turn at a black hole corner, and all the people on it didn’t age too much.
        (Remember Hawking’s The Universe in a Nutshell?)

        PS: Korobi no utaaaa

      2. Why would time run different on different colony ships? They don’t fly that fast in conventional space. Any long distance travel is done through almost instant fold drive.

    1. Berger Stone is a bit of a fag. Everything was rumor, even the protagonists don’t trust him. Heck, even Lloyd doesn’t trust him.

      He picked up on a second hand rumor.

      The ONLY family that hasn’t shown up (due to missing Megaroad) is the ICHIJOU FAMILY.

      Personally I think it’s the way off camera but still canon Miku Ichijou, daughter of Misa & Hikaru.

      Oh, and who was Miku-Miku the clone of?

      (and remember who discovered the “dinner plate” of Protoculture lyrics, hm hm?

      -Bad Uncle Leo, pulling a Berger, counting my war-shekels.

  7. That DYRL made my rune extremely hoina, but not as much as all these Rem-fag tears. Just what you’d expect from the masters, gg.

  8. Lady M? Minmei or Misa?

    Gotta be Misa! She has the requisite skills and experience to run a giant shadowy galactic corporate conglomerate… Minmei, not so much, she’s just an idol in the end.

  9. Nope. Windfags are blatant Gary Stus who can’t win without their Space Anthrax, along with asspulls and that’s a fact. It’s also why we see no Ex-Gear used against them during ground fights, can’t have the Gary Stu’s lose a battle.

  10. THEORY
    Megaroad-01 TIME FOLDS to 2060 so the sdf chars are simply 7 years older than when megaroad disappeared
    Windemereans will have their runes disabled because star singer and that was lloyds plan all along
    Everybody dies except the USS Mirate which goes on to make quarter zentran babies

  11. totally disappointed… watched 26 w/o subs. Just terrible. One would think that given the 5 year break between series, they’d be able to come up with something… better than this

    1. I went through all of Frontier for the first time while Delta was still airing, and I have to say… I’m really disappointed with Delta. Hoping for a movie redux.

  12. Do you ‘member the love?
    Yeah, I ‘member the love!
    What about spiritia? ‘Member spiritia?
    Yeah! Yeah! Anima spiritia!
    Hey, how about Fire Bomber?
    Yeah! I ‘member 16!

    1. so go watch the raw, then come back here and complain that it isnt the ending you wanted, like the inconsiderate little prick you are

    2. > Checks every 5 minutes if episode is out
      > complains
      > claims he can wait

      Sure thing. Come back after you get your first facial hair.

  13. Take your time, GG.

    Really don’t appreciate all the smack going around just because translating Macross ain’t easy.

    Also nevermind that Macross is for Japanese folks with Japanese sensibilities. Not lower IQ gaijins like us. :D

    Kawamori’s troll-fu is still god level. There’s that.

    1. Just decided to watch the raw too. I couldn’t believe that Lady M turned out the be THE MACROSS… INHABITED BY SHARON APPLE!!! Man, that was a left field shot.

      OOPS, should have said *spoilers*…

    1. KumoKumo, I saw the raw on YT. GG probably had to wait for “the better raw”… also (knowing Japanese myself) this one isn’t going to be as easy to translate.

      I think GG also “made us wait” for Frontier too. It’s the last one, they probably wanna “do it right?”

      You could always start up your own fansub group. :D :D :D

      1. My statement stands. Not coming back unless literally no one else is subbing a show I absolutely want to watch.

      2. And its comments like that, that if I was doing the subbing, would make me consider just ‘leaving you all hanging’, and either not release the last sub, or make everyone wait a week…

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