Macross Delta – 26 (END)


Well, it’s been a wild ride and it’s time for [gg] to go back to sleepĀ again (I heard there’s a sequel of some sort…). I still think it’s quite unfortunate that we didn’t get to finish Kuromukuro, but it seems like Netflix has that taken care of. With that said, thanks for watching Delta with us!

Special call out to vale for translating, kyhz for editing, the many people who helped with songs, dao for timing, and koda for doing nothing being everyone’s mom (as usual).

I think [ayy] or something will be doing the blurays for this show, so pay attention to that if you want to grab the BDs.

Once again, thanks!

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74 thoughts on “Macross Delta – 26 (END)”

  1. Hey gg.

    While it pissed me off that you were late 66% of the time everytime,

    Thanks for coming out of retirement to do this show.
    Every Sunday my friends and I buy whiskey, mix drinks (most of us have been bartenders) and order Italian and watch delta.

    We really enjoyed the subs. We also would have paid you to be on time lol. Where’s the donate button?

    And today we were worried it wouldn’t come out and it did, so we were like fuck yeah they did it! None of us work tommorrow.

    I’ve been a GG fan since code geass. Even back then we only did gg subs. Thanks for coming back to do delta. Sunday night anime is our thing and it was always gg.

    Thanks so much.

  2. Thanks GG for translating all the eps of Macross Delta and half of Kuromukuro, If there is a new Macross show or something similar, I hope u guys come back and translate it. I can’t imagine anyone else subbing Macross beside you guys.

  3. Man Delta was such a letdown. Thanks for your hard work though. Really a shame you couldn’t keep going with Kuromukuro; it’s been going very steadily with a probable season 2 in the works depending on how this last episode goes.

  4. I don’t even care about this anime; I’m just inordinately happy to see gg rose from the dead for 6 months.

    Can’t wait to see what wakes you guys up next time.

    Now to sacrifice a child to the blood moon for another season of Hidamari Sketch so Nutbladder can be resurrected for awhile. RIP Matsuki Miyu though :(.

      1. Strangely, Delta is rehash and “better” version of 7 and Lord Roid trying to achieve what Grace o’Connor and her fellow conspirators trying to achieve in Frontier

  5. In the end. it’s not the power of music that save the day. It’s the power of LOOOOVEEEEEEE! (cue that Celine Dion’s song on high note). Mirage finally man up and confess to Hayate in most dire of time to be declaring your love to someone. So cliche. Much cringy. Many lmao!

    Almost everyone see it coming: Lord Roid wants to unify the whole Protoculture species into single entity aka erasing everyone in the whole goddamn galaxy from existence. Blah, blah Blah. Heinz and Aerial Knight face-heel-turn and assist Walkure, Bogue gonna tsundere while saving Reina and Makina, many Itano missile circus later, Keith stab his comrade and both die in explosion, Windermere retreat and everyone is save. Huurah.

    Expect doujin of Hayate making out with life drained Freyja in the cockpit to hit the market later. Poor Mirage, you got friendzone. Hey, at least you’d confessed.

    Well, thanks for all the hard work, gg. It was fun.

  6. Fuck Lady M, we don’t need her. But hell, this is Macross ;)

    Thanks gg, always a pleasure reading you.

    And Dickculture for life!

  7. Thanks for the subarashii work gg!

    I’ve just downloaded this episode (didn’t know it was the last one, so I’m getting prepared to see a billion things in the series without a decent closure, lol).

  8. Man… This show was a massive fail from start to finish, I wouldn’t be surprised if they take this shit show off the official canon latter on.
    I guess the franchise reached its peak with MACROSS PLUS… tis sad.

  9. New drinking game: Everytime this ep copies the final ep of frontier, tale a drink.

    Make sure you sip… Or have many bottles.

  10. Seriously though, thanks for doing this GG.

    Also, plenty enough options for kuromukuro, thanks for turning us on to it though, wouldn’t have seen it if not for yous guys.

  11. Just finished watching it.
    Thanks again gg for the great work.

    Well… Kawamori said in an interview his original idea for Delta was not having a triangle and not having an enemy. However, the sponsors didn’t want a Macross series without the triangle and a clear enemy.
    So, at the end he destroyed the triangle , and destroyed the enemy like in the old times, with the magic of every Macross series’ final scene:
    a touch of Zero (the plane scene); a bit of Plus (giant Mikumo like Sharon and her rescue like Myun’s rescue); a piece of 7 (the final swallow-the-whole-universe-and-every-being-mind Roid, like Geppelnitz); a few thingies of Frontier; and many other things from the original series.

    I think Kawamori, just like a singer that’s always been asked to sing the same song over and over, got tired of this kind of product.

    Bye bye Macross… aw I get it now!
    Windermere people live only around 30 years… just like hm.. the whole Macross series? haha, I love this.

    Anyway, loved the music and Mikumo!

    I do hope next time the sponsors let Kawamori do what he really wants to with Macross!

    It was a pleasure to read the comments here!

  12. I enjoyed the final episode. The series as a whole was much too slow in places (we had runs of a few episodes in there with no songs and no flying, didn’t we?), and this episode was much too rushed (and spent too much time in weird cyber-land), but the final concert/battle was fun and hit on so many familiar notes.

    And – probably because it was so rushed and didn’t have time to wrap up loose ends – it definitely paved the way for a sequel movie.

    Thank you very much, gg, for the subtitles! So much appreciated! Fie on anyone who dared to complain about not getting free subtitles quicker!

  13. Thanks again for doing this series!

    Know that it is always joy to see you guys come out of hibernation… HOPE TO SEE YOU GUYS AGAIN SOON!

    Thanks again!

  14. Most of what I would like to say has been said. Thanks GG for coming back and keeping the Macross anthology alive! I hate that the final ep (and the second half of the series tbh) was so rushed but, hey… at least it was better (overall) than M7.

  15. you pick the right picture that can describe what can happen in macross later. she make the hard choice of letting hayate go to freya instead of her. she make the difficult choice. alas I think she going hates her for while kind of and. a love and hate relainship. awesome work gg.

  16. Aww. You guys will hibernate again? , that sad to hear but hopes spring will come to gg in near future. It always good having fansub subbing any anime, no matter delays or other obstacles. Thanks a lot for subbing :)

  17. Satalight needs to fire their anime staff. This was Jap-wehraboo garbage and pandering to obese Otaku with no substance or plot. Props to GG for suffering though it.

  18. I just re-watched the first episode of Frontier. It gives that sense of something great that has finally came back from 30 years past.

    Delta is enjoyable, but doesn’t leave that sense of wonder…

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