Code Geass Episode III – Oudou

Edit: Oops, there was a missing line before the opening. It’s: “If necessary, you’ll have to infiltrate the Settlement and rescue her.” I don’t remember how to use xdelta to make patches.

Code Geass is being recaped with 3 recap movies. All of the dialogue from the TV show was re-recorded with the original voice actors (sans Tamaki). Additionally, there are some new scenes to help bridge things together from their 9 episode copy/paste job. Oudou is the second of those movies and covers material from season 2 episode 17 to the end, episode 25.

We took the subtitles from Bandai’s official release of season 2 and copy/pasted them and adjusted them accordingly. Some scenes were the same except 1 line got removed, etc. For the new stuff, we just translated that. Any lines that seem radically different from Bandai’s release is because I had to watch this whole movie to check for Sindalf’s timing fuck ups and I just changed any line that pissed me off when I saw it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Noteworthy changes

First, the Black Knights’ betrayal was reframed to make it look like Schneizel forced them to betray Lelouch. I personally believe this is because Ohgi is Taniguchi’s self-insert character. Taniguchi has expressed disappointment before about fans not liking Ohgi and/or what he does in R2. The rest of the scenes for the betrayal, such as Asahina asking why they should trust Zero, are still in the movie, which makes them not including the betrayal weird.

Second, as I mentioned before, Shirley lives. I hard disagree with the English fans raging that Shirley living “changes the whole story”. If you’re going to bitch about something related to Shirley, then bitch about how Taniguchi said, “I didn’t kill her cause there was no time to do her arc” and then relegated her to being like a non-existant character. Anyway, since Shirley lives, there are some new scenes with her.

Lastly, the scene from the TV show where Suzaku and Schneizel bully/escalate/troll/goad/whatever each other into wanting to rebel against Charles was removed so they could reframe it to be 100% Suzaku acting his own.

Movie 4

As previously announced, there is a 4th movie in this project called Lelouch of the Resurrection. It comes out in February and is a sequel to Code Geass but takes place in the movie universe where they didn’t have time to kill Shirley. Presumably, the epilogue from this 3rd recap movie will lead into the events of this new sequel movie. We currently have no plans to sub it.

I’m a schneizel fangirl at heart and if there’s no schneizel in the new movie then I’m not gonna wanna do it. My effort level for this recap was at rock bottom cause the weren’t any new animated schneizel scenes. ?


Don’t listen to the idiots who haven’t even seen the movies yet say that the movies “changed a lot” or “made drastic changes” and then proceed to complain about the sequel movie taking place in the movie universe. It is very much still the same thing as the TV show, but Shirley is alive.

15 thoughts on “Code Geass Episode III – Oudou”

  1. I remember that in the credit scene someone had uploaded had English subs as well, were those lines included in your version as well, did you sub the song played in the end?
    Also, since you have no plans on the 4th movie, do you think you could sub the PD’s from Akito the Exiled ova series?

    1. If I don’t want to sub a NEW Geass thing unless it has my bf in it, what the fuck makes you think I want to sub an OLD Geass thing that he’s not in at all? ?

  2. It’s weird how people were making a big deal about the changes.

    The movies are still 80%-90% the same in the big picture.

    You either like the details or not, but it’s not a radical shift either way.

    PS: I hope Schneizel gets more stuff to do in the near future, but only as long as he’s not the villain. Been there, done that.

  3. Ahhh, I don’t have an account or anything, but I definitely at least wanted to say thank you! I know subbing is super hard work and even if you’re copy/pasting for a lot of it, doing a movie is a time-consuming thing on it’s own. Regardless if you do any more Code Geass, thank you so much for giving me a chance to experience the movies!

  4. Hey, will you guys be doing JoJo season 5 :)? I had a blast getting into the series with the extra layer of entertainment provided by your subs, and while Some-Stuffs still are better than HS/CR, JoJo Golden Wind done by gg subs would be a dream come true <3

  5. Wait, wait, wait… If they don’t kill Shirley, won’t that entirely remove Lelouch’s motive for going after the Geass organization and leave him a reason not to die in the end?

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