Code Geass – Lelouch of the Re;surrection

With that modern office outfit and those glasses, Schneizel really went from, “I’ll have her home by 8pm, sir” to “Your daughter calls me daddy too”…

This is a :schneizeleffort: edit of Funimation’s subtitles for the movie.

NO THANKS TO JAKA FOR FUCKING EVERYTHING UP. I think this could have been out like 1.5 days ago instead lmao.

720p torrent

1080p torrent

I really don’t have anything to say about this movie at this point…

For those who were lucky enough to not know, the movie is kicking off a 10 year plan for Code Geass. If you’re interested in chatting about Code Geass with other fans, drop by the Cs’ World Discord.

Back to FFXIV now bye.

Edit: Okay j/k there’s something else I need to say. We had originally intended to subtitle the picture dramas that came with the A-On store edition of the bluray (Re;f 103.00 and Re;f 1.05), but then Mr. Translator went on vacation around the BD release time. However, we bought and ripped the entire bluray. If no one else has made raws of them, we’ll get around to re-encoding them so they aren’t like 3gb each and release them later.

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