Macross Delta – 26 (END)


Well, it’s been a wild ride and it’s time for [gg] to go back to sleep again (I heard there’s a sequel of some sort…). I still think it’s quite unfortunate that we didn’t get to finish Kuromukuro, but it seems like Netflix has that taken care of. With that said, thanks for watching Delta with us!

Special call out to vale for translating, kyhz for editing, the many people who helped with songs, dao for timing, and koda for doing nothing being everyone’s mom (as usual).

I think [ayy] or something will be doing the blurays for this show, so pay attention to that if you want to grab the BDs.

Once again, thanks!

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Macross Delta – 16


So, this episode aside, let’s talk Kuromukuro. As far as I know, our subbing of the show is on hiatus for now. Unlike our other shows, we get dropped a script from a secret translator every week. However, as you can tell, that hasn’t been happening for a while. It sounds like he has real life issues to take care of from the limited contact I have with him. I hope he can sort out his issues and finish off the show, but who knows.

Meanwhile, feel free to watch the subs done by people who decided to pick up the slack (you can find them on NT). I don’t know if they’re any good or not, but I guess some subs is better than no subs.

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Macross Delta – 13


This was such a hype episode. You can also tell because there’s no opening or ending.

Re: Kuromukuro, it’ll be done in the next 1-2 days (hopefully). Also, some of our staff will be at Anime Expo next week (I heard Kawamori is there) so things will be delayed again. Thanks for understanding :>

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P.S. Happy birthday, Koda! Congratulations on turning 18 for the 20th time or something.