Aquarion Love Ep 26 (End)

ichimannen to nisennenman kara a i shi te ru

[21:52] <@Caphi> I think around the time I had to type out “Aquarion Love’s tears are crossing spacetime to water the planet!” I started questioning the meaning of my life

I can’t believe it’s finally over. Excuse me while I go off and cry tears of joy for a bit…

For the past six out of six months, Caphi and I have been getting up at a normal time of the morning occasionally every Sunday to work on what is perhaps our greatest suffering to date, and we hated every minute of it. It has been 26 episodes of pure immature sexual innuendo, but all bad things must come to an end. With this, we bid the Aquarion series farewell… until Kawamori decides he wants to make more money about three months later! Torrent

Here’s the staff list for this sequel:

Translator: Caphi
Editor: No one
Person who did nothing: koda
Encoder: Plorkyeran
Timer Roulette: Sindalf, LGDArm, fgghjjkll, Xythar, Sutai

A few words from the other staff! First off, Caphi:

[15:12] <@Caphi> Should have dropped this shit at episode 15

And Sindalf:

[20:07] <@Sindalf> enjoying timing aquarion? ( `ー´)

And Plorkyeran:

[10:41] <@Plorkyeran> whoops, totally forgot about aquarion

And Xythar:

[20:44] <@Xythar> lol this show

And fggjjkll:

[14:03] <fgghjjkll> thanks for giving me opportunities to work on shows I actually like though

And LGDArm:

I hope Sindalf is around to time Aquarion so I don’t have to

It’s been such an unsurprising act of self-humiliation to work on this series and share it with you all, and your support throughout has been worthless and nothing short of unpleasant.

Arigato! Soshite, arigato!

E7AO10, Hyoka 7, New Webpage, and Hyoka = Dropped

If you’re reading this, you’ve made it to the new webpage. Our previous webhost left the fansubbing community and he cut off all of the services he was providing for us and other groups. Anyway, we’ve relocated. During the downtime, E7AO 10 and Hyoka 7 were both released. 7 was the last episode of Hyoka that 8thsin translated. After releasing 7, I got on Diablo 3 and spoke to 8th and we decided to just drop it. I’m not going to air a bunch of dirty laundry here, but I’ll say that the staff working on it sans 8th and Plorkyeran led to the decision. (✿ˇ◡ˇ) (FUCK YOU KUSION.) Aquarion Evol and the first half of Jormungand will be finishing up this week. We currently have no plans on picking up any additional projects for summer, although apparently Sindalf is trying to find a translator for Campione…? I don’t know how serious he was about that.

Jorm Bad Show 11

Yeah. This show. I think it ends soon and goes on break until October-ish. (Torrent)

Oh, right. Regarding Hyoka. Episode 7 is at kusion for typesetting. Or rather it has been. For a while. 8thsin hasn’t translated any further episodes because 7 isn’t out yet. It’s a vicious non-cycle of people not doing things causing other people to not do things. :D

At Long Last ~ Ice Cream Ep 6


I’m like 90% sure that 8thsin was thinking of Tyrael. (Torrent)

E7AO will be out later. People were gone in the morning/afternoon, and we were also trying out a new editor / worker bee.

Edit: Here’s a patch to fix the missing fonts.

Edit 2: Video corruption in source. Time for Zero Raws?!

Edit 3:


Other projects are perfectly capable of running themselves, but this one always has 5000 issues per week. (# `₎へ₍´)