Joshiraku Ep 9

Accurate picture of what Zwill looks like right now. (Torrent)

  • vale is still mia which means no E7AO, and no more progress on translating the last few eps of Joshiraku.
  • Btw, the last 2 episodes of E7AO (23/24) will air later in November. I assume there was a scheduling mishap because of the Olympics.
  • I hear Binbogami 13 needs a v3 because of a font issue. I have no idea. I will look into it when I get back home later today.

Binbougami ga Ep 13 (End)

Here’s the last episode of Binbougami ga.
Edit: Patch, since KayDat sucks

This reminds me of that time at Axpo 2011 when a guy came up to me in the food court and said, “Hey, aren’t you koda? I came from Hawaii to call you a faggot.”


Thanks to lightwater for translating.

No thanks to lightwater for not being a fast enough translator & having school thus making it a Thursday release and causing annoying leechers to flood the website every week asking why it’s so “late”.

Thanks to Xythar for editing, encoding, and doing odd jobs.

No thanks to Xythar for going on vacation during the last 2 episodes despite all of his crap about how fansubbing = only thing he spends his spare time on.

Thanks to Plorkyeran for encoding for the first couple episodes before Xythar took over doing it.

No thanks to Jaka for his retarded mkvtoolnix install which caused Plorkyeran to look like he was unable to add audio to an mkv.

Thanks to Sindalf for timing it. At first.

No thanks to Sindalf for bitching about doing it.

Thanks to fgghjjkll for volunteering to time something and taking over timing it from Sindalf.

No thanks to fgghjjkll for being a 13 year old Chinese kid. (Did you know you forgot the default style for ep13? Good thing I caught that.)

Thanks to KayDat for filling in while Xythar was on vacation.

No thanks to KayDat for not doing a good job babysitting Jaka.

Thanks to herkz for typesetting the first episode while we looked for another dude to take over doing it full time.

No thanks to herkz for going full autism mode on applicants and hopefuls.

Thanks to Tai for agreeing to typeset the rest of it. Or so we thought.

No thanks to Tai for going “I don’t wanna do this” a billion weeks in a row including this week.

Thanks to fnord for translating the songs.

No thanks to valerauko for disappearing today which will cause more leechers to drop by wondering where E7AO is even though they also simultaneously complain about it being a bad show.

Thanks to my memory for remembering all of this crap so I could make such an uplifting “end of series” post.

No thanks to Zwill for disappearing causing leechers to drop by wondering where Joshiraku is.

Thanks to Dao for sharing some of the wealth.

No thanks to Dao for not sharing all of / more of the wealth.

On that note, I’m pretty sure we’re now recruiting typesetters, or we’ll just \an8 everything next season.

Joshiraku Ep 8

Here’s a torrent. In case you were wondering, the full story of delays is basically this: I’m on break from fansubbing until mid October because I’m taking a bunch of 8 week classes. Kusion was supposed to replace me on Joshiraku, but we waited for him to pretty much do nothing because he’s completely useless (basically I should just kick him out of group at this point). Then when fnord had finished his work, Zwill was supposed to [do stuff], but Zwill had gone traveling around Europe or wherever. But now Zwill is home and slaving away at Joshiraku 9/10 as well. 11/12 are at translation since vale has been away working.

Game of the week: Torchlight 2.