And Joshiraku Ep 5

Howdy, folks. And congratulations(?), Gan-chan. Here’s Joshiraku 5. (Torrent) Episode six was translated this morning/afternoon (ahem, US reckoning), and I’m currently working on editing the first half right now. It has a ton of typesetting though so uhh no ETA on when that will be released. Also, Eureka Seven AO begins airing again tomorrow. Oh, and Binbougami came out earlier than usual today because a different translator is filling in while the normal one is on vacation.

Joshiraku 4

That Kumeta meta humor… Clearly even his name is a pun. Anyway, I actually enjoyed this episode of Joshiraku because the beginning is basically Marii getting punched. It was like a joke that took 3 weeks to build up with her being obnoxious. This episode went by pretty fast too. Might be able to catch up before episode 6 airs. (Torrent) As a note, we are currently sniffing around for donations. If you have any spare cash in your PayPal account, we would be happy to take it off your hands. ヾ(๑╹◡╹๑)ノ

Some videos related to this episode that vale insisted on including somewhere:

Kigu makes a reference to Loan Shark Ushijima when talking about people who wear glasses

Marii wears a shirt that says hito to shite. The full title of the SZS opening is hito to shite jiku ga bureteiru, but I think everyone knows it (affectionately) as just bure.

As usual, vale will post notes on his blog whenever he gets around to it.

Joshiraku Ep 3

[ Torrent ] Oh noes, we released another episode of this anime. We didn’t drop it either. Indeed, where is your god now? Episode 4 aired on Thursday, so we’ll be working on that next. Hopefully it will be out before 5 airs. Also, we’re not subbing the Code Geass Nunnally in Wonderland OVA because it came with English subtitles on the BluRay. Go bug someone to rip it.

Eureka Seven AO EP14

In this episode, we find out that Ao is a girl. There’s also a new opening and ending this episode. The opening is once more done by FLOW, and there are parts of the song that sound suspiciously familiar to DAYS. Good old nostalgia. Speaking of which, AO seems to retain the same pacing trait that the original did — a slower start where it takes a while to get things going. Unfortunate since AO is 1/2 the episodes of E7. (Torrent)

Binbougami ga! EP 3


I’m sure that everyone will be pleased to know that this episode of Binbougami almost got sabotaged by the K-On movie. The timer timed 1,600 lines of K-On then mentally couldn’t do anything else. Alas, poor Sindalf. After playing hot potato with the episode, we found a brave soul willing to time it, and in doing so possibly prevented Xythar from having a heart attack at 2am. IN ANY CASE, enjoy. (Torrent)

And for those of you who like K-On, a bunch of us worked on the K-On movie and it was released earlier by CoalGuys. Jaka enlisted us to translate, time, encode, and do all of the karaoke. His contribution was supposed to be editing, but as it is 1,600 lines and Jaka being a person with an incredibly short attention span, I have my doubts that he actually edited.

Lastly, Crunchyroll announced Moyashimon Returns as one of their final summer shows. We’ve already made a relevant post explaining what we plan to do.

Thanks and have a nice Thursday morning.

Dudu the Floatie

dugong? dewgong.

At long last, we present to you the 3rd of the Young Animator Training shorts, titled Dudu the Floatie (pokapokajuju). It’s about a young girl named Mika. Her parents have broken many promises to take her to the beach, and the only way she can “swim” is in her little kiddie pool. Frustrated at her parents, Mika eagerly believes a child molester who has disguised himself as a dugong pool floatie and tells her that he’ll take her away to a “magical water kingdom”. While her parents work with the police to try and find her, the short goes into a heavy, scathing commentary of the failures of the Japanese law system. Meanwhile, Mika begins having delusions about actually being in the “magical water kingdom” to cope with the molestation.

Hopefully we’ll get the 4th and final short out soon… blakbunnie didn’t translate this until earlier today, so it was “delayed” until now.

Joshiraku Ep 2

ba dum dum

During the past week, we’ve received a lot of feedback regarding our release of Joshiraku. While the majority of the feedback was positive, there were some who believed we mishandled puns, over localized, asked for translation notes, etc. For the majority who were pleased with the release, you will be happy to hear that we’ve listened to absolutely none of the feedback from the vocal minority.

In this incredibly exciting episode of Joshiraku, the girls go out of the Rakugo theater and wear different clothes, establish that paying full price at McDonalds is a symbol of wealth, and make lots of Japanese jokes with puns and references. And here’s the torrent. I felt as though I meant to type more here, but I also find it very hard to talk about this show without just naming off events (see: previous statement) and/or complaining about how I think Japanese humor is dumb. It’s like Japanese people seriously don’t believe things are funny unless there’s some kind of retort. (And since Marii is the one who always says the classic Japanese retort line, I bet she is the must be the popular girl.)

Well, anyway, enjoy it if you can, tee hee.

PS: vale will write notes whenever he has time. Tokyo Tosho is also down at the time of this posting.

Edit: Woops, I forgot to fix the line at 15:09 after timing. It should be, “Is that a freebie that came with Nakayoshi magazine?”

Edit 2: Probably make v2 later. Muxed wrong version of the OP font too.

Moyashimon Returns Ep 2

Torrent // Here is another episode of cute microbes which concludes our Thursday releases. Matt also added in a special commercial this weekend for the opening single. We sincerely hope you enjoy it. Subbing Moyashimon has been quite a struggle today with the encoder switch, the translator falling asleep, mosquitoes attacking the translator (“{Signs 5:57 descending order}Gymnasium, Library, holy fuck a mosquito hold on“), et cetera. And then when it was finally time to release, the FTP was down. Woops. Joshiraku aired today, but as usual we will be working on it (slowly) over the weekend.

E7AO Ep 13

I thought Jaka wanted to post this himself to fanboy over Eureka returning to the show, but it appears not. In this week’s episode: Time paradoxes. Personally I wish Holland had gotten out of the Gekko and punched Ao in the face, but we can’t all have our way. (Torrent) Moyashimon Returns will be out “later”. The translator said he was going to take a nap and didn’t wake up when his alarm went off which set us back a good 6 or so hours.