Moyashimon Returns Ep1


Moyashimon Returns will be our 2nd and final summer show. (Torrent) We were originally looking at also doing Joshiraku, but the idea was shot down after the people who were talking about doing it actually watched the first episode. For those of you who want to refresh your brewing and fermenting, BSS recently released the BD rips for the first season.

With this project, we are re-introducing the “Quality Checking” position. (But not really.)

(Edit) The staff on Joshiraku:

[13:45] <@fnord_disc> im watching it right now
[13:45] <@fnord_disc> this is preposterous
[13:45] <@fnord_disc> im not subbing this
[13:45] <@Ortau> Right?
[13:45] <@Ortau> It does not need to be subbed
[13:45] <@Ortau> It is not meant or fit for people who are not Japanese
[13:45] <@Xythar> leave it to card
[13:45] <@Xythar> sounds good
[13:46] <@Ortau> That said I kind of liked it ._.
[13:46] <@fnord_disc> its not really bad
[13:47] <@Ortau> It’s just not worth subbinb
[13:47] <@fnord_disc> the way the conversation just lumbers on inexorably is fascinating

(Edit2) Script Fuckups:
(1:20) -abort

E7AO 11! And an update about new shows

the bourne identity

In this episode, cat drugs. Also, happy 4th of july. (Torrent) We won’t be doing UtaKoi since it’s being streamed on Crunchyroll. However, Funimation has yet to release Binbogami ga, so we’ve began working on the first episode. The editor had to run off to work (he’s an un-American swine), so it’ll be out later tonight. On that note, we’re looking for a dedicated typesetter for Binbogami ga. It airs on Wednesdays, and you would need to be available for typesetting beginning around 2pm PST. The signs require some effort, but \a6 is always an acceptable universal fallback so you don’t kill yourself. Please PM Freya on IRC if you’re interested.