Aquarion Love Ep 26 (End)

ichimannen to nisennenman kara a i shi te ru

[21:52] <@Caphi> I think around the time I had to type out “Aquarion Love’s tears are crossing spacetime to water the planet!” I started questioning the meaning of my life

I can’t believe it’s finally over. Excuse me while I go off and cry tears of joy for a bit…

For the past six out of six months, Caphi and I have been getting up at a normal time of the morning occasionally every Sunday to work on what is perhaps our greatest suffering to date, and we hated every minute of it. It has been 26 episodes of pure immature sexual innuendo, but all bad things must come to an end. With this, we bid the Aquarion series farewell… until Kawamori decides he wants to make more money about three months later! Torrent

Here’s the staff list for this sequel:

Translator: Caphi
Editor: No one
Person who did nothing: koda
Encoder: Plorkyeran
Timer Roulette: Sindalf, LGDArm, fgghjjkll, Xythar, Sutai

A few words from the other staff! First off, Caphi:

[15:12] <@Caphi> Should have dropped this shit at episode 15

And Sindalf:

[20:07] <@Sindalf> enjoying timing aquarion? ( `ー´)

And Plorkyeran:

[10:41] <@Plorkyeran> whoops, totally forgot about aquarion

And Xythar:

[20:44] <@Xythar> lol this show

And fggjjkll:

[14:03] <fgghjjkll> thanks for giving me opportunities to work on shows I actually like though

And LGDArm:

I hope Sindalf is around to time Aquarion so I don’t have to

It’s been such an unsurprising act of self-humiliation to work on this series and share it with you all, and your support throughout has been worthless and nothing short of unpleasant.

Arigato! Soshite, arigato!



[20:30] <~freya> Plorkyeran: why does utorrent not seed stuff sometimes when it says it’s seeding
[20:31] <@Plorkyeran> my running copy of utorrent is super mega fucked
[20:31] <@Plorkyeran> so maybe that’s related


Since it’s illegal for fansub groups to have 2 separate groups of staff working on 2 shows that air on the same day simultaneously, this must mean that we spent countless hours on Hyoka then SUBBED AQUARION IN 30 MINUTES!!!11

v2 festival

polar bear cafe

  • Aquarion Pt 1 Batch: Fixed stuff like Reaigler -> Rare Igura, and adjusted some lines that make sense now that [things] have happened in the anime. (Patches|Torrent)
  • Jormungand 3v2: The new encoder encoded us a v2. Sindalf’s timing fuck ups & other stuff got fixed. Oh, and I changed the dialog font because I didn’t like the other one! (Torrent)
  • Hyoka 1v2: 8th wanted to tl check it and stuff. (Patch|Torrent)
  • fnord is going to go Have A Real Life, so Jormungand 4 will be delayed.
  • The next Young Animator Training Project short should be out later today.
  • The website cache has been broken ever since Friday when it temporarily went down. Until the server dude fixes it, some posts won’t appear.
  • The image has nothing to do with anything. I just thought it was cute.

Aqualion Ep 16


What happens in Aquarion………………….stays in Aquarion. (Torrent/DDL)

TL Notes

  • Malloy’s Element Power: Malloy’s power is a pun on his name. Malloy is written & pronounced moroi (モロイ). Moroi (脆い) means like breakable or brittle or [whatever word].
  • Sazanka’s Element Power: Sazanka is a fujoshi. Her element power is corrosion. If you need an explanation for this one, you shouldn’t be watching anime.

Aquarion EVOL 14 – All this time these 12,000 years I’ve been waiting to make an episode that’s basically a nenshin gattai pun

Old and Separate
The character 古 (old) is used to make 個 (separate).

Nenshin Gattai
So, as you know by now, we have gattai (合体) aka union(s). In the first Aquarion series, there was also nenshin (念真) gattai (合体) indicating that the elements in the union were genuinely (真) united through their thoughts (念). The character used for thought (念) is made up of 2 other characters: now (今) stacked on top of heart (心).

Oh yeah, the episode

Aquarion EVOL 7-12 Notes

Ported over from the temp website.

  • (EVOL 12) Shrade references the first ending from Aquarion, Omna Magni. The lyrics are gibberish-y. They have a Japanese translation that is also gibberish-y. If we were to insert an English translation of the Japanese translation of Omna Magni of the lyrics used in the preview, it would be something like, “When the boys feelings do a lizard tail, the girl learns of the night dew for the first time. But the two of them have a silent night.” The more you know?
  • (EVOL 11) Mikage’s line describing a boy of “amber eyes and golden hair” is literal. The script writer might’ve gotten it wrong or I don’t know what.
  • (EVOL 9) Fudo & the others all use sayings/proverbs with the word hole or something like a hole – pit, den. Since the English equivalents to those sayings/proverbs don’t actually keep the word hole/pit/den, we modified them into English equivalents but with the word hole. Crea’s on the other hand is a parody of the Japanese saying “boys before flowers”, replacing “hana” (flowers) with “ana” (holes) which no one actually says hence why the other 3 groan at her after. The “ana”gram in the episode title is also a pun on ana meaning hole.
  • (EVOL 8) Yes, Go Tight actually plays in the episode. No, we didn’t bother timing/translating it because insert karaoke is for dumb “completionist” subbers. Mix’s line in the preview is a pun. “Anata” = you/~darling~, “ana” = hole. “Anata” was translated as something else so it works in English.
  • (EVOL 7) Yes, Jin keeps referencing Go Tight lyrics in Aquarion EVOL. No, we’re not translating them in special ways. Japanese has, uhm, let’s just say context issues.