Attack on Titan – 25


Thanks for those who stuck with us until the last episode!

And even more so, thanks to everyone who worked on this:

  • Translation: valerauko, bb27
  • Editing: returnity
  • Timing: Dao, fgg
  • Moral Support + Songs: fnord, koda

I suppose next season we’ll be looking at VVV2 (we know it’s simulcasted but this show is fun enough to justify that), Log Horizon, and maybe something else.

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AoT 16 Delayed

Translator is teaching kids English this week, and the backup translator is sleeping over at my place (it’s his birthday). Therefore, this episode will be delayed till either tomorrow or Monday when vale is catches up with everything he delayed.

If you can’t wait, no worries. Head over to HorribleSubs or Crunchyhroll and you can watch it from them!

Thanks for understanding :>

Attack on Titan – 13 & Plans for Summer


This is truly recap: the animation.

Summer Plans

1) Free! Simulcasted.
2) Blood Lad
3) Gargantia Fantastisa Dolls (whatever it’s called)
4) Maybe that fate magical girl shit.

Stuff I want to do:

  • Kimimachi – I’ve been following the manga ever since it came out… and I don’t even read the big 3.

Who knows? We’ll see what gets simulcasted and what doesn’t.

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Attack on Titan – 10


As we waited for returnity to edit Titan, I tried to educate fgg on the American ways of biology and virology.

[14:11:07] <@Mango-chan> D4rkR0ckman
[14:11:08] <@Mango-chan> you need ot
[14:11:10] <@Mango-chan> masturbate
[14:11:12] <@Mango-chan> it cures the flu
[14:11:43] <@D4rkR0ckman> I wish that worked
[14:12:03] <@D4rkR0ckman> Must be placebo effect if it works for you
[14:12:15] <@Mango-chan> the white stuff
[14:12:16] <@Mango-chan> semen
[14:12:24] <@Mango-chan> is actually made out of white blood cells
[14:12:28] <@Mango-chan> (that’s why it’s white)
[14:12:32] <@Mango-chan> so if you masturbate more
[14:12:36] <@Mango-chan> you release more white blood cells
[14:12:39] <@Mango-chan> and they will kill the flu virus
[14:13:31] <DxS> but jaka
[14:13:34] <DxS> that would mean
[14:13:39] <DxS> you’re losing white blood cells
[14:13:42] <@Mango-chan> because
[14:13:45] <@Mango-chan> your body has too many
[14:13:47] <DxS> and therefore have less to fight for you
[14:13:50] <@Mango-chan> the ejaculation part
[14:13:56] <@Mango-chan> is to maintain the PH level of white blood cells
[14:13:58] <@Mango-chan> in your blood
[14:14:13] <@D4rkR0ckman> I want them in my body, not out
[14:14:18] <@D4rkR0ckman> Besides
[14:14:50] <@D4rkR0ckman> Semen is produced in the seminal vesicle
[14:15:02] <@D4rkR0ckman> White blood cells are produced in bone marrow

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Attack on Titan – 08

I should probably nap for a little and I’m surprised I didn’t need the JAPANESE red bull I bought. Also, why is Mikasa so stupidly adorable? //////////////////////

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P.S. Pic related. Friends of gg cosplaying as Eotena characters. (They’re married so don’t say stupid shit.)


Edit by koda: Jaka seriously thinks a Legend of Korra character is the same as Eotena character? Wtf? (They aren’t even married. Jesus.)