Joshiraku Ep 9

Accurate picture of what Zwill looks like right now. (Torrent)

  • vale is still mia which means no E7AO, and no more progress on translating the last few eps of Joshiraku.
  • Btw, the last 2 episodes of E7AO (23/24) will air later in November. I assume there was a scheduling mishap because of the Olympics.
  • I hear Binbogami 13 needs a v3 because of a font issue. I have no idea. I will look into it when I get back home later today.

Joshiraku Ep 8

Here’s a torrent. In case you were wondering, the full story of delays is basically this: I’m on break from fansubbing until mid October because I’m taking a bunch of 8 week classes. Kusion was supposed to replace me on Joshiraku, but we waited for him to pretty much do nothing because he’s completely useless (basically I should just kick him out of group at this point). Then when fnord had finished his work, Zwill was supposed to [do stuff], but Zwill had gone traveling around Europe or wherever. But now Zwill is home and slaving away at Joshiraku 9/10 as well. 11/12 are at translation since vale has been away working.

Game of the week: Torchlight 2.

Someone is this mad that gg is subbing Joshiraku

gg is currently being harassed by someone who is very upset that we’re subbing Joshiraku.

Earlier today, someone commented on our webpage and left the following comments:

After I marked them as spam, he commented again, this time threatening me and valerauko, and posting my personal information:

I wasn’t particular concerned about this, but I recalled getting similar comments before.

One month ago, gg received these comments on the webpage:

I marked them as spam and added the IP to the WordPress blacklist. The IP used here was a regular Comcast home IP.

Hours later on that same day, gg received similar comments:

They were obviously from the same person, but using different IPs since he couldn’t post with his home IP. He even posted the same comment twice from his home IP and using TOR.

You can tell it’s all the same person because, aside from the strange autistic barely English comments, all of the IPs used (aside from his home IP, obviously) are TOR exit nodes. After Googling his home IP, I discovered that he frequently contributes to various wikis under the name Sourside21, comments on YouTube as brightside01, and other placed as brightside0101. He also happens to go on Rizon under the name anorgasmicloli. Turns out he’s even idling in #gg right now! We have no interest in giving into his uh, “demands” and we expect episode 6 to be out by Friday or Saturday. However, valerauko is very shocked by this has an internship and everything is dropped E7AO might be affected in the upcoming weeks.

Anyway, anorgasmicloli, I’m waiting for your signal, and I seriously hope it’s a bat signal.

And Joshiraku Ep 5

Howdy, folks. And congratulations(?), Gan-chan. Here’s Joshiraku 5. (Torrent) Episode six was translated this morning/afternoon (ahem, US reckoning), and I’m currently working on editing the first half right now. It has a ton of typesetting though so uhh no ETA on when that will be released. Also, Eureka Seven AO begins airing again tomorrow. Oh, and Binbougami came out earlier than usual today because a different translator is filling in while the normal one is on vacation.

Joshiraku 4

That Kumeta meta humor… Clearly even his name is a pun. Anyway, I actually enjoyed this episode of Joshiraku because the beginning is basically Marii getting punched. It was like a joke that took 3 weeks to build up with her being obnoxious. This episode went by pretty fast too. Might be able to catch up before episode 6 airs. (Torrent) As a note, we are currently sniffing around for donations. If you have any spare cash in your PayPal account, we would be happy to take it off your hands. ヾ(๑╹◡╹๑)ノ

Some videos related to this episode that vale insisted on including somewhere:

Kigu makes a reference to Loan Shark Ushijima when talking about people who wear glasses

Marii wears a shirt that says hito to shite. The full title of the SZS opening is hito to shite jiku ga bureteiru, but I think everyone knows it (affectionately) as just bure.

As usual, vale will post notes on his blog whenever he gets around to it.

Joshiraku Ep 3

[ Torrent ] Oh noes, we released another episode of this anime. We didn’t drop it either. Indeed, where is your god now? Episode 4 aired on Thursday, so we’ll be working on that next. Hopefully it will be out before 5 airs. Also, we’re not subbing the Code Geass Nunnally in Wonderland OVA because it came with English subtitles on the BluRay. Go bug someone to rip it.

Joshiraku Ep 2

ba dum dum

During the past week, we’ve received a lot of feedback regarding our release of Joshiraku. While the majority of the feedback was positive, there were some who believed we mishandled puns, over localized, asked for translation notes, etc. For the majority who were pleased with the release, you will be happy to hear that we’ve listened to absolutely none of the feedback from the vocal minority.

In this incredibly exciting episode of Joshiraku, the girls go out of the Rakugo theater and wear different clothes, establish that paying full price at McDonalds is a symbol of wealth, and make lots of Japanese jokes with puns and references. And here’s the torrent. I felt as though I meant to type more here, but I also find it very hard to talk about this show without just naming off events (see: previous statement) and/or complaining about how I think Japanese humor is dumb. It’s like Japanese people seriously don’t believe things are funny unless there’s some kind of retort. (And since Marii is the one who always says the classic Japanese retort line, I bet she is the must be the popular girl.)

Well, anyway, enjoy it if you can, tee hee.

PS: vale will write notes whenever he has time. Tokyo Tosho is also down at the time of this posting.

Edit: Woops, I forgot to fix the line at 15:09 after timing. It should be, “Is that a freebie that came with Nakayoshi magazine?”

Edit 2: Probably make v2 later. Muxed wrong version of the OP font too.

Moyashimon Returns Ep1


Moyashimon Returns will be our 2nd and final summer show. (Torrent) We were originally looking at also doing Joshiraku, but the idea was shot down after the people who were talking about doing it actually watched the first episode. For those of you who want to refresh your brewing and fermenting, BSS recently released the BD rips for the first season.

With this project, we are re-introducing the “Quality Checking” position. (But not really.)

(Edit) The staff on Joshiraku:

[13:45] <@fnord_disc> im watching it right now
[13:45] <@fnord_disc> this is preposterous
[13:45] <@fnord_disc> im not subbing this
[13:45] <@Ortau> Right?
[13:45] <@Ortau> It does not need to be subbed
[13:45] <@Ortau> It is not meant or fit for people who are not Japanese
[13:45] <@Xythar> leave it to card
[13:45] <@Xythar> sounds good
[13:46] <@Ortau> That said I kind of liked it ._.
[13:46] <@fnord_disc> its not really bad
[13:47] <@Ortau> It’s just not worth subbinb
[13:47] <@fnord_disc> the way the conversation just lumbers on inexorably is fascinating

(Edit2) Script Fuckups:
(1:20) -abort