I’m too lazy to type the full title or something. Koike refers to Takeshi Koike, who did the artwork for Redline. (Speaking of Redline, that movie was good and you should go buy 50 copies of the Bluray to send a message to Japan that we enjoy things like it.) Anyway, here’s some new Lupin. It airs at like 2am in Japan, and our translator lives in Japan, and he has like a 12 hour school day. So basically he either wakes up at 5am and translates it before school or he doesn’t do it until after. The more you know.

Oh, and I should mention that we have no idea what the the first line of the ending is. So we didn’t sub it. :V The best guess we got was atashi kanbu then we gave up~ Song lyrics are bullshit until singles come out anyway ufufufu. As for the show itself, it’s stylized, Yamakan hates it (funny how that works – we hate Yamakan), and for some reason Inspector Zenigata has Lelouch as his sidekick. Also, nipples. And why is this file only like 400mb? Fluff failed. (Torrent)