Aquarion EVOL 14 – All this time these 12,000 years I’ve been waiting to make an episode that’s basically a nenshin gattai pun

Old and Separate
The character 古 (old) is used to make 個 (separate).

Nenshin Gattai
So, as you know by now, we have gattai (合体) aka union(s). In the first Aquarion series, there was also nenshin (念真) gattai (合体) indicating that the elements in the union were genuinely (真) united through their thoughts (念). The character used for thought (念) is made up of 2 other characters: now (今) stacked on top of heart (心).

Oh yeah, the episode

Aquarion EVOL 7-12 Notes

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  • (EVOL 12) Shrade references the first ending from Aquarion, Omna Magni. The lyrics are gibberish-y. They have a Japanese translation that is also gibberish-y. If we were to insert an English translation of the Japanese translation of Omna Magni of the lyrics used in the preview, it would be something like, “When the boys feelings do a lizard tail, the girl learns of the night dew for the first time. But the two of them have a silent night.” The more you know?
  • (EVOL 11) Mikage’s line describing a boy of “amber eyes and golden hair” is literal. The script writer might’ve gotten it wrong or I don’t know what.
  • (EVOL 9) Fudo & the others all use sayings/proverbs with the word hole or something like a hole – pit, den. Since the English equivalents to those sayings/proverbs don’t actually keep the word hole/pit/den, we modified them into English equivalents but with the word hole. Crea’s on the other hand is a parody of the Japanese saying “boys before flowers”, replacing “hana” (flowers) with “ana” (holes) which no one actually says hence why the other 3 groan at her after. The “ana”gram in the episode title is also a pun on ana meaning hole.
  • (EVOL 8) Yes, Go Tight actually plays in the episode. No, we didn’t bother timing/translating it because insert karaoke is for dumb “completionist” subbers. Mix’s line in the preview is a pun. “Anata” = you/~darling~, “ana” = hole. “Anata” was translated as something else so it works in English.
  • (EVOL 7) Yes, Jin keeps referencing Go Tight lyrics in Aquarion EVOL. No, we’re not translating them in special ways. Japanese has, uhm, let’s just say context issues.