Attack, Eoten! – 02 (v2 patch included)

Wow, what a long day. Spending the last 11 hours fansubbing is exhausting and quite the experience. I should probably sleep early tonight. Enjoy.


P.S. If the file doesn’t play for you, try updating your codecs. Alternatively, you can download the patch and update patch your original file (some typos were fixed, etc).

Link to patch

Valvrave – 01


I don’t even know what the fuck to think about this show. It’s like a mixture of Code Geass + WWII + GUNDAM SEED + Power Rangers.

From what I understand in episode 1, we have Space Nazis of the Thrid Galactic Reich in space (who apparently speak German) terrorizing people with their large military. The boy in this show goes pilot Valvrave the Liberator to liberate the space jews (homage to glorious America? IDK), during which he makes a contract with some CC-like girl who grants him Vampire/Werewolf-Geass like powers. In the OP we also learn there’s a green/blue/yellow/purple Valvrave (possibly different modes of the original Valvrave). Enjoy.


Attack on Titan – 01


Let’s hope subbing this will be sustainable in the future. Enjoy. Oh, and let the oversubbing begin.

EDIT: No, we’re not going to use “Scouting Legion” because some manga translator translated it that way. Official translations used “Survey Corps,” but we think “Recon Corps” fit better given the nature of what they do (see opening scene).


P.S. Before more “jimmies” get “rustled,” we are going to do Valvrave on Thursday (did I say this correctly?).

Anime Mirai 2013 – Death Billiards (By Madhouse)

Hi folks. Here’s the next of the young animator 1shots, Death Billiards, which was animated by Madhouse. They brought you classics such as Monster, TokiKake, Akagi, Perfect Blue, Kaiji, Redline, Kaiba, Cardcaptor Sakura and……………… High School of the Dead.

720p Death Billiards Torrent
1080p Death Billiards Torrent

There didn’t seem to be much hype for any other Anime Mirai shorts (one of them is by GONZO, the other is about FAIRY MECHS) so the translator will just have to get around to them whenever he has the time.