Dudu the Floatie

dugong? dewgong.

At long last, we present to you the 3rd of the Young Animator Training shorts, titled Dudu the Floatie (pokapokajuju). It’s about a young girl named Mika. Her parents have broken many promises to take her to the beach, and the only way she can “swim” is in her little kiddie pool. Frustrated at her parents, Mika eagerly believes a child molester who has disguised himself as a dugong pool floatie and tells her that he’ll take her away to a “magical water kingdom”. While her parents work with the police to try and find her, the short goes into a heavy, scathing commentary of the failures of the Japanese law system. Meanwhile, Mika begins having delusions about actually being in the “magical water kingdom” to cope with the molestation.

Hopefully we’ll get the 4th and final short out soon… blakbunnie didn’t translate this until earlier today, so it was “delayed” until now.

Wasurenagumo & New Jorm 5 Encode — E7? Later

monster girl moe?

  1. First off, we’ve released the second Young Animator Training short, Wasurenagumo. (Torrent)
  2. Second, a re-encoded Jormungand 5. We muxed with Zero Raws on Tuesday. The encoder was like… at school. Not taking fansubbing seriously enough. Tbh he uploaded this later on Tuesday but I KIND OF FORGOT ABOUT IT. Anyway since it’s a new video, there’s no patch. Afaik, the script hasn’t changed aside from shifting the timings to the new encode, so if you don’t mind the terribad video quality from Tuesday, there’s no reason for you to download this. (Torrent)
  3. Third, Jaka was dying / is dying / hopefully dead. Eureka Seven will be out later tonight.
  4. Fourth, 8thsin will be moving to Montreal this weekend, so Hyoka will be delayed. Kusion also claimed he would be spending Mother’s Day with his mom but I think that’s code for “I’ll be playing ranked games on League” sooo.
  5. I go to New York on Sunday~ Know any restaurants or whatever worth going to? Do comment. We have until Wednesday to get LGDArm to eat food other than steak/burgers. Fucking sheltered white guy.

2011 Animator Training Project (1/4) – Buta


This is the first of the 2011 one shots from the animator training program. You can read more about the program on the Anime News Network. This one, titled Buta (TL note buta means pig) is about a sword-wielding piece of bacon getting eaten by cats. (Torrent)

We did the 2010 series as well, which you can download on BakaBT. With the exception of Torracman, they’re pretty good.