Notes for Code Geass Episode I – Koudou

New Scenes

  • [0:02:30] Lelouch and Nunnally depart Pendragon
  • [0:54:00] Kallen comes to the conclusion that the dude with a disabled sister has no time to be a terrorist even tho he has a maid taking care of his sister 24/7
  • [1:09:30] Schneizel fucks Kannon in the gazebo of his rose garden
  • [1:13:10] Suzaku and Euphy’s meeting was condensed to finding Arthur the cat
  • [1:22:55] Lelouch’s personal stalker, Shirley, stalks Lelouch
  • [1:54:15] Diethard now baits Villetta to the docks and shoots her instead (and now Diethard knows who Zero is too…?)
  • [1:54:45] Rakshata meets the gang at the embassy
  • [1:55:20] The meeting between Zero and Kirihara got completely redone
  • [1:57:06] Diethard got a fucking post-shower-hair-towel-scene and Schneizel still doesn’t have one??? HELLO?
  • [1:58:12] Lelouch’s personal stalker, Shirley, stalks Lelouch into a bad part of town then runs into a group of Japanese people who break out into musical number which serves as a bgm for a Black Knights montage
  • [2:00:00] Lelouch plays darts
  • [2:03:10] Short new scene of CC peeking around the corner spliced into the TV scene
  • [2:09:40] Lelouch and CC wrap up the movie before the credits

Big Changes

  • School scenes were FLEIA’d from orbit. Thank fuck.
  • No mention of Ragnarok anymore when Lelouch gets his Geass. Are they changing the Emperor’s plan for the 3rd movie? :thinking:
  • No hotel scene. The Black Knights are never introduced as the Black Knights until near the end during the dart scene. Multiple mentions of the Black Knights were actually removed from dialogue in the movie. Instead, they now say stuff like “Zero’s group”. Tamaki is the first person to call them the Black Knights in the dialogue.
  • No hotel also means there’s no Nina fucking Table-kun. (Nina’s reason for being obsessed w/Euphy was changed in the 2nd movie too.)
  • The entire Mao arc was removed. Instead, we have multiple scenes where Shirley is wandering around stalking Lelouch, and the images in Suzaku’s head were changed to include the scene of him killing his dad. Lelouch isn’t aware of the perma-Geass either.

IMDB Trivia Page

  • The first few mins includes a shot of Pendragon, the Britannian Capital. As per the map shown in ep 23 of R2, this area is not the actual Great Britain area, but more like… idk, Los Angeles?
  • Multiple royal siblings and other Britannian characters appear to see them off.
    • The more recognizable ones are Euphy, Cornelia, Clovis, and Gino (why the fuck did he have a rat tail as a kid too jfc). Darlton and Orange are also shown.
    • Less recognizable characters are 5th Princess Carine who appeared in a few R2 eps, 88th Princess Marrybell from Oz the Reflection, Knight the 9th Nonnette Enneagram who does nothing in R2 but was Cornelia’s mentor and also dateable in the PS2 game Lost Colors, and Clovis’s little sister Laila from the mobile phone game Libra of the Maelstrom.
    • I don’t think the top left dude standing over Gino is Schneizel. His hair is all wrong. ‘_>’
  • Clovis is wearing the same boys school uniform that Schneizel, Lloyd and Kannon wore in the R2 12.31 picture drama.
  • The illustrations in the opening are from the s1 picture dramas and the s1 endings.
  • During the Rocky monage, we see a wanted poster for Zero. Saitama Ghetto is from ep 7, the hoteljacking is from ep 8, the pharma warehouse is a reference to the Refrain warehouse from ep 9, and Clovisland was shown in ep 15.
  • Kikuko Inoue (Cecile) and Noriaki Sugiyama (Rivalz) also had small roles as terrorists in Ohgi’s group. Said terrorists got named after them (purple haired Inoue and teal haired Sugiyama). Noriaki Sugiyama still voices Sugiyama in the movie, but Inoue is now voiced by Sachiko Kojima.
  • Tamaki’s VA has changed to Nobuyuki Hiyama because Tamaki’s original VA passed away in 2016. RIP.