v2 festival

polar bear cafe

  • Aquarion Pt 1 Batch: Fixed stuff like Reaigler -> Rare Igura, and adjusted some lines that make sense now that [things] have happened in the anime. (Patches|Torrent)
  • Jormungand 3v2: The new encoder encoded us a v2. Sindalf’s timing fuck ups & other stuff got fixed. Oh, and I changed the dialog font because I didn’t like the other one! (Torrent)
  • Hyoka 1v2: 8th wanted to tl check it and stuff. (Patch|Torrent)
  • fnord is going to go Have A Real Life, so Jormungand 4 will be delayed.
  • The next Young Animator Training Project short should be out later today.
  • The website cache has been broken ever since Friday when it temporarily went down. Until the server dude fixes it, some posts won’t appear.
  • The image has nothing to do with anything. I just thought it was cute.

Hyouka Ep 2


Okay guys. Go home. This is a furry show. (Torrent)

Hyoka has like 2-3x the amount of dialog as Aquarion Evol. It also has 23902890489234 more signs. Thus, Hyoka will always be later than Aquarion Evol, even though it airs 2 hours later, and completely different people work on it. Oh, and there’ll be a v2 for episode 1 “soon”.

Jormungand Ep 3 & Looking for New Staff

First off, here’s the torrent. We muxed Zero Raws this week.

Yumi, who was encoding Jormungand and also supposed to encode Hyoka, has retired from fansubbing. Yumi pretty much did whatever we told him to do without complaining. He often included commercials (and also replaced the Sacred Seven opening) not to troll viewers, but as a desperate cry for help.

Plorkyeran has decided to take up doing both Aquarion and Hyoka on Sundays, but Jormungand airs Tuesday mornings US time / Tuesday evenings European time, and our encoders are all at work during this time period. Sooo, we’re looking for a staff member to help out. The alternative is we mux Zero Raws every week, which I’m sure you would all love. :D We’re also looking for a timer available Sunday for Hyoka. If you’re interested, contact Freya on IRC.

Edit: Filled both positions.

Hyouka Ep 1

ki ni narimasu

If I ever meet kusion IRL, he’s going to die. (Torrent)

TL Note: Hyoka = Frozen treats (specifically with ice). This title clearly indicates that the show is about the 4 main characters sitting around in the club room eating ice cream, Mr. Garigari, and FroYo. This also means that K-On is like the archnemesis of Hyoka because they ate warm desserts and tea in the club room.

Alternatively, the title refers to Hotaro being ~cold yet sweet~.

Brief updates and upcoming downtime during May

  • The other 3 Young Animators Training Project shorts are stuck at translation. Query blakbunnie27 on Rizon and remind him to translate them.
  • Lupin has been dropped, but Jormungand has not. The reason is simple: Lupin is being 2 days late casted and was being done by a less motivated staff. Jormungand is being 4 days late casted and was being done by a more motivated staff. This might blow your mind but different people work on different projects.
  • A batch for the first half of Aquarion Evol will probably be out later this week.
  • Four members of staff will be in New York from May 13th to the 20th (including me). Expect delays.

Aqualion Ep 16


What happens in Aquarion………………….stays in Aquarion. (Torrent/DDL)

TL Notes

  • Malloy’s Element Power: Malloy’s power is a pun on his name. Malloy is written & pronounced moroi (モロイ). Moroi (脆い) means like breakable or brittle or [whatever word].
  • Sazanka’s Element Power: Sazanka is a fujoshi. Her element power is corrosion. If you need an explanation for this one, you shouldn’t be watching anime.

State of the Fansub Group

ice cream

  • Hyoka airs the 22nd. I’m assuming we’re still doing it unless the world ends.
  • Funimation is apparently actually doing Lupin, so I suppose that’s dropped.
  • I have no idea if Funimation is actually going to do Jormungand, but somehow I don’t feel like the people working on it care about Funimation doing it. Welp.
  • Our Eureka Seven was pretty derpy. The editor who was jumping up and down saying “KODA YOU CAN LEAVE EVERYTHING UP TO ME” derped pretty hard. (He also tried to edit the ending song without realizing there were 2 layers… lol.) The encode derps, however, were in the transport stream. Not much we can do about that.
  • The Jormungand encoder’s response to “LOL GG YOUR RELEASE SMALL AND HAS NO GRAIN” was to try and get me to release a re-encode that was 1/2 the size.
  • An Aquarion EVOL 1-13 batch is in the works.
  • Afaik, no one wants to sub the E7 recap.
  • SWTOR 1.2 came out yesterday, meaning everything is delayed until I clear hard mode Explosive Content. I also have a Taun Fawn thanks to John S~ 8D
  • By the way, you should watch Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger. Our taisetsuna nakama Azrael and his faggy friends at Over Time are subbing it.