Macross Delta – 02


A little late today since I just got back from a ski trip. Back to the show: I can’t unsee these gang signs. They’re everywhere in the show now.

Also, it’s weird how I actually prefer the ED over the OP, which is incredibly sexual. Does this mean I’m Team Freyja now (well, it seems like Mikumo never was even a contestant in the first place).

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Macross Delta – 01


Guess we’re going to be doing this (read: committing to it) since Real Legal Anime Sites can’t deal with the licensing clusterfuck that is called Macross. Episode 1 has quite a few changes from the Preview episode (better animation, some change in dialogue, new content toward the end, etc). Enjoy!

[ Torrent ]

P.S. We know the video sucks but it really can’t be helped.

Dear kind leechers who play PAD

Dear kind leechers who play PAD,

You should totally send me your level 20 friend gifts now that its been reset… :(

(Note: I can’t actually send anyone a gift back since I already traded with someone BUT IF YOU HAPPEN TO FEEL LIKE A KIND PERSON THEN I WILL GLADLY TAKE THE GIFT OFF YOUR HANDS.)

Edit: My ID is 332891286. I main Ronia. ^o^