LF: Translator for live action show about cats

[17:50] <@aers> btw koda
[17:50] <@aers> these this japanese show
[17:50] <@aers> about cats
[17:50] <~sona> …
[17:50] <@aers> http://www.nyaa.eu/?cats=5_20&user=219489&filter=3
[17:50] <@aers> where they
[17:50] <@aers> go around
[17:50] <@aers> the world
[17:50] <@aers> filming cats
[17:50] <@aers> http://puu.sh/3w1M7.jpg
[17:51] <@aers> http://puu.sh/3w1T5.jpg
[17:51] <~sona> can we sub this…
[17:51] <@aers> lmao
[17:51] <@aers> pick an episode and yell at a translator!

Hi hello I am looking for a translator who would like to sub this show about uguu kawaii konekochan tachis.