v2 festival

polar bear cafe

  • Aquarion Pt 1 Batch: Fixed stuff like Reaigler -> Rare Igura, and adjusted some lines that make sense now that [things] have happened in the anime. (Patches|Torrent)
  • Jormungand 3v2: The new encoder encoded us a v2. Sindalf’s timing fuck ups & other stuff got fixed. Oh, and I changed the dialog font because I didn’t like the other one! (Torrent)
  • Hyoka 1v2: 8th wanted to tl check it and stuff. (Patch|Torrent)
  • fnord is going to go Have A Real Life, so Jormungand 4 will be delayed.
  • The next Young Animator Training Project short should be out later today.
  • The website cache has been broken ever since Friday when it temporarily went down. Until the server dude fixes it, some posts won’t appear.
  • The image has nothing to do with anything. I just thought it was cute.